Pink pilates

“I feel that I was floundering about with no direction before I joined Pink Pilates.  The hospital physiotherapist had given up on me as I hadn’t shown any improvement.  The ladies made me believe I could gain further improvements in my arm movements and general well being.  And then they went about and proved it.  I feel they kept me on track and focused.  It greatly boosted my spirit and made me feel a sense of achievement.  A very worthwhile programme.  I think it is a great combination of pilates, physio and exercise.  Thank you all for making this possible”.

“Pink Pilates is a great programme which I was very lucky to have the opportunity to be involved in.  I found that it helped hugely in many ways:
– the physical treatment which meant that I was able to return to work and enjoy all my usual activities,
– the exercises you are given which means that you can have come control over your recovery, and
– the general positive attitude of everyone involved.
I looked forward to every session and always left feeling much better and uplifted.  I feel that every woman undergoing the arduous fight with cancer would benefit from this programme and I would like to see a future where everyone has the opportunity”.

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