Vocational Rehabilitation

 Vocational Rehabilitation services:

  • Worksite visit to assess work tasks, work flow and systems
  • Design and supervise a return to work plan
  • Liaise with employer, case manager and medical carers
  • Detailed reports including recommendations and progress
  • Assist with rehabilitation and reconditioning for early return to work

Standing with carer

Return to work Rehabilitation up to 6-12 weeks:

  • Individualised tailored programmes to improve readiness for work or speed up recovery/return to work.
  • May include Physiotherapy, Hand Therapy and stress/anxiety intervention if indicated
  • Access to gym facilities in the East of Christchurch and Centrally
  • Timely reporting of plan, progress and discharge as appropriate

Computer station assessment:

  • Assist with individual workstation requirements and set up.
  • Assessment and advice on management for pain and discomfort
  • Individualised exercise prescription
  • Personalised Report

For quote for service please contact 03 326 6225 or email info@physio-nz.co.nz

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