PINC and STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation

The PINC and STEEL programmes (previously known as Pink Pilates) is dedicated to helping women and men diagnosed with cancer regain their physical strength, rebuild self-esteem and improve their confidence and well-being.

Our goal is to help women and men recovering from cancer surgery or treatments by offering personalised therapeutic programmes that include a complimentary blend of physiotherapy, massage, stretching, relaxation, breathing techniques and pilates.

The PINC and STEEL programme is suitable for all men and women and accommodates all fitness levels.  The programme consists of 10 sessions with a personal therapist and each session is designed to suit the individual needs of each person.  The programme is currently being run by Robyn who has attended the PINC and STEEL Cancer Rehabilitation certification course.

To learn more about the programme, to register and to apply for funding please go to There are 2 very short online forms to fill in here. There is a ‘Contact Us/ Register’ form and under the tab ‘The Trust’ you can fill in your funding application form, the trust will then be in contact with you within the week in regards to your application.

Benefits from the programme include:

  • Increased strength and mobility
  • Increased energy levels
  • Decreased muscle tension
  • Increased strength of the muscles of the trunk and improved posture
  • Minimising weight gain
  • Improved sleep and decreased fatigue levels
  • Enhanced physical and mental well-being
  • Increased inner strength

Hear how the PINC programme helped Christchurch local Isobel, incredible determination and dedication!

Charges for the programme:

$110 for the initial visit (60 mins) and $60 for the follow up visits (30 min appointments)


$550.00 for 10 sessions

There is some funding available for the programme however this does not cover the entire cost of each session so if you are approved for some funding there is still a surcharge of $10. At this stage, most men and women who have been successful in their funding application have received between 3-5 funded session.


“I feel that I was floundering about with no direction before I joined Pink Pilates.  The hospital physiotherapist had given up on me as I hadn’t shown any improvement.  The ladies made me believe I could gain further improvements in my arm movements and general well being.  And then they went about and proved it.  I feel they kept me on track and focused.  It greatly boosted my spirit and made me feel a sense of achievement.  A very worthwhile programme.  I think it is a great combination of pilates, physio and exercise.  Thank you all for making this possible”.

“Pink Pilates is a great programme which I was very lucky to have the opportunity to be involved in.  I found that it helped hugely in many ways:
– the physical treatment which meant that I was able to return to work and enjoy all my usual activities,
– the exercises you are given which means that you can have come control over your recovery, and
– the general positive attitude of everyone involved.
I looked forward to every session and always left feeling much better and uplifted.  I feel that every woman undergoing the arduous fight with cancer would benefit from this programme and I would like to see a future where everyone has the opportunity”.

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