Our mission

Our mission is to provide quality, valuable services by dedicated therapists using up to date practices.

We aim to provide our clients with a relaxed and friendly environment where they will receive education and quality management by professional and experienced staff. This will enable our clients to return to full sport and daily activity levels, while simultaneously learning appropriate self-management strategies for the future.

We are committed to providing ongoing education to all team members, while simultaneously encouraging for all staff to develop their own career pathways and specialist areas within a supportive, team-oriented environment.

Our values include:

  • Our clients treated as individuals, not numbers.
  • Our clients are provided with full education and information regarding their treatment options.
  • Providing a relaxed and friendly environment for both staff and clients.
  • Provision of current therapy management.

What our logo symbolises about us:

The logo was designed in 2012 incorporating the Koru, a symbol of new beginnings, with the tools of our trade – hands. ‘New beginnings’  represented us as a company, but also nicely portrays how Physiotherapy can help guide our clients into returning to activities lost or beginning new activities through working together to achieve goals. The italic font of the logo represents movement, which is key to all Physiotherapy interventions. And the colours bring in an old reference of purple known well in the Bay Harbour region with blue as the dominating colour representing the international colour of Physiotherapy.

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